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The SASSB was formally established at the Inaugural Conference of the SASSB in January 1999. The formation of the Society was initially proposed by Professor Peter Linder, formerly of the Botany Department of the University of Cape Town. There was concern that, following global trends,  in South Africa systematics was a discipline that was in decline in terms of capacity and resources, mainly as a result of the lack of understanding of the critical role of taxonomy, systematics and natural history collections play in science and society.

Objectives of SASSB
To promote and represent the activities and interests of all biological systematists, evolutionary biologists, curators and managers of natural history collections in South Africa.To increase appreciation in the general community of the importance of systematics and natural history collections.To lobby government agencies and granting agencies for funding for research and training.To foster the training of systematists / taxonomists.To hold meetings that deal with issues in systematic biology.





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