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SASSB Award for Contribution to Systematics & or Natural Sciences

SASSB Award for Extraordinary Contributions to Systematics 2014 (PDF)

(draft – to be approved by SASSB Council)

This award was established in 2007 by the SASSB to honour those individuals or groups or institutions that have made an extraordinary contribution to systematics and / or natural science collections in South Africa. 

The contribution may be in terms of research, administration, increasing awareness and profile of the discipline or natural science collections, capacity development / training in systematics or curation or any combination of these.

The award is open to all professional, amateur and retired persons, research groups or institutions involved in systematics or natural science collections in any capacity, from funding and administration to training, research, education and training or public awareness.

The award is made every 18 months to coincide with the SASSB conference. The SASSB Council, however, reserves the right not to make the award if no suitable nominations are received.

  A single award is made.


· A call will be made for nominations as widely as possible to the broad systematics community.
· Nominations will be accepted from any member of the systematics / natural science collections community.
· All nominations must be accompanied by a current CV of the nominee, as well as a motivation from the person making the nomination.
· Nominations will be circulated to members of the Council of the SASSB, who will vote on the winner of the award. The nominee receiving the higher number of Council votes will be awarded the Gold Medal. In the case of a tied vote, the President and Vice President will reach a decision by consensus. The award will be made at the next SASSB conference.


Conference July 2015

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